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Somethings I've Noticed About Newgrounds

2007-10-26 19:47:09 by Techfire

Recently after browsing the BBS, I've noticed a couple of things about Newgrounds. The things that I will be looking at in this news post is the 07 Users, nsfw, NG Mag, and audio.

First off is the 'dogging' of new 07 or Freshmen users. Now I don't understand this as it doesn't matter what year you joined as long as the site is always growing. We should support the new people now and those to come! Rock on! They have new ideas, things to contribute and all in all are just as saweet as the rest of you!

Secondly we have the nsfw. Now I've had a personal experiance with this as the first ever comment on one of my posts (!) was nsfw. Those that don't know what nsfw means it's not safe for work and I believe that this statement makes no sense because most users of NG are teenagers so it should be nsfs. Anyway, these post and comments often get a very large view rate because of either pervs or simply curiosity.

Thirdly the least used item in NG, the NG Mag. Sure it could use some work (ok, a lot of work) but it's still a good way to keep up with alphas that will turn into the pride and joy of NG.

And lastly is the audio. No, not the audio portal. I'm looking to create some audio for it though! So I've downloaded the Fruity Loops demo and I'm going to explore around that to see if it's something that I'd consider contributing to the site. Look out for future updates.

And so that's my news for a while. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to explore FL Studio. See ya!


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