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Wow. Surprising.

Very original idea, nice graphical style, low file size, great! I only took a star off because I wished it were longer but other then that it was great.


LOL, this movie was very quotable and funny too! Very nice maybe next time Rob will play the drums and totally blow but insists on letting Johny make a band with him or something. Just an idea! Take it or leave it.

Bobert-Rob responds:

It's weird you would mention Rob on drums, as back in the day, I attempted to become a drummer. For reals. I had this friend who was obsessed with starting a band (like most high school youths) and I ended up buying a complete drum set and we attempted to start one. We never got anywhere, but I was decent at it before I gave up on it. I still have the drum stool in my room, come to think of it. Good times. Would probably make a good episode, but I try not to use ideas made by others, it kind of ruins the inspiration for me personally if it's someone else's idea, y'know? Thanks for trying, though, and thanks for the review!

Wow, just wow.

That was sweet! You make me laugh more than any of the other commericals created by Sony. Very nice, maybe a DS commercial next time ;p

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Thought it was decent.

Honestly it needs a bit better/ realistic graphics, more guns, just a bit of improvement in all departments. However, I'm still looking forward to seeing Heli Invasion 3 as you (hopefully) have solved these issues.


I finally completed all the levels (without walkthroughs!) and I really enjoyed it. Really test your mental strength! Looking forward to more levels :D

Gross Much?

Ew. That was nasty. Yet still a good point and click adventure but you realize it's not long enough if you play through it twice. Oh and why is this weird thing just randomly killing everything?

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Pretty Good Remix

I actually thought it was pretty good. Drastically improved the intrumentals from the original. Good work!

...Sets a mood that's for sure!

Very good and very creepy! Continue the good work and good job landing the movie gig ;p


Quality work and maybe you can send the tabs for the drums to me cause I would love to learn how to play this as I am a drummer. ;p

boney-man responds:

it's basically just a 2-step beat for most of the song...


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