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Posted by Techfire - November 18th, 2007

So I've been inactive for quite some time but I'm back! I'm sure no one noticed my awol but whatever. Anyways, I'm planning on releasing a third track sometime soon and I'm happy with the first two. Not so much with Suddenly Awestruck though but you win some, you lose some.

Posted by Techfire - October 26th, 2007

Recently after browsing the BBS, I've noticed a couple of things about Newgrounds. The things that I will be looking at in this news post is the 07 Users, nsfw, NG Mag, and audio.

First off is the 'dogging' of new 07 or Freshmen users. Now I don't understand this as it doesn't matter what year you joined as long as the site is always growing. We should support the new people now and those to come! Rock on! They have new ideas, things to contribute and all in all are just as saweet as the rest of you!

Secondly we have the nsfw. Now I've had a personal experiance with this as the first ever comment on one of my posts (!) was nsfw. Those that don't know what nsfw means it's not safe for work and I believe that this statement makes no sense because most users of NG are teenagers so it should be nsfs. Anyway, these post and comments often get a very large view rate because of either pervs or simply curiosity.

Thirdly the least used item in NG, the NG Mag. Sure it could use some work (ok, a lot of work) but it's still a good way to keep up with alphas that will turn into the pride and joy of NG.

And lastly is the audio. No, not the audio portal. I'm looking to create some audio for it though! So I've downloaded the Fruity Loops demo and I'm going to explore around that to see if it's something that I'd consider contributing to the site. Look out for future updates.

And so that's my news for a while. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to explore FL Studio. See ya!

Posted by Techfire - October 16th, 2007

Yeah, just a normal update on what has been going on. I've decided to stop talking about the NHL because of the recent controversy (goalies, teams, expansion, etc) and I actually have a life too. Serious! I don't just sit here all day browsing Newgrounds... Jeez. Anyways, I'll (hopefully) leave a longer post next time cause the home-work is getting intense right now so I better do that... Oh, and if anyone is actually reading this feel free to leave a comment. Just any random comment go ahead. The button is right there... I use ... a lot so be warned for future posts.

Posted by Techfire - October 4th, 2007

So the season is going well for the start with the european games, proposed new schedule for next season, playoff predictions, uprising of the new rookies, a better NHL game (not for PC though), and all in all just suiting up for the new season! However there has been some controversy about checks to the head, the leafs goaltending, Edmonton's decisions in the off-season, signing of star players, etc. I fell very strongly about the sport of hockey, so I will dedicate this post to the sport and talk about it. Oh, and good job Newgrounds for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness!

Also on the topic of Breast Cancer Awareness, the NHL again is supporting it with the players pink sticks, helmats and the every so often story of how one player was impacted with a family member getting breast cancer. It's really nice and is no matter to make fun of on the fourms. It is a serious illness that impacts millions. Please don't for the sake of you and those around you.

Anyway, back to the season openers. The european games between the Ducks and the Kings went very well with scores of 4-1 in both games; Ducks won once and the Kings won once. It's great to see the NHL rase awareness in Europe because more and more hockey players are coming from there! Some people don't approve european players in the NHL oddly enough... Also, the Kings new rookie goaltender premired Jonathon Bernier who made a huge impact on the Kings win with a save percentage of .963! Unfortunally, the Kings did not play him for the next game and lost.

In the pre-season, TSN predicted what order all the teams would be in best to worst. Here's the top 10 teams predicted by TSN:
1. Ottawa Senators
2. Detroit Red Wings
3. Anaheim Ducks
4. Buffalo Sabres
5. San Jose Sharks
6. New York Rangers
7. Minnesota Wild
8. Calgary Flames
9. Pittsburgh Penguins
10. Vancouver Canucks
Other interesting teams (imo) include the Colorado Avalance in 12th that improved drastically with off-season signings, Toronto Maple Leafs at 16th just for ranking higher than Tampa Bay, Islanders, and Hurricanes and Phoenix Coyotes for ranking dead last.

And so this is all the time I have for now. Next time I will talk about the rookies, signing of star players, checks to the head and much more. Hope to see you on the ice this winter!

Posted by Techfire - September 27th, 2007

So I'm a long time viewer and fan of Newgrounds and finally I decided to join! It seems as though all forms of media on this site keep on raising the bar and I like it! Anyway, if there's anyone actually reading this I will be posting a new post on my profile page every so often so check back to see what I'll be rampling on about next. Sorry that this is such a short message but I got to get back to watching and rating more animations and such :P